According to businessdictionary.com, a strategic plan is a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. Do you have one?

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Leadership is a holistic spectrum that can arise from:

(1) higher levels of physical power, need to display power and control others, force superiority, ability to generate fear, or group-member’s need for a powerful group protector (Primal Leadership),

(2) superior mental energies, superior motivational forces, perceivable in communication and behaviors, lack of fear, courage, determination (Psychoenergetic Leadership),

(3) higher abilities in managing the overall picture (Macro-Leadership),

(4) higher abilities in specialized tasks (Micro-Leadership),

(5) higher ability in managing the execution of a task (Project Leadership), and

(6) higher level of values, wisdom, and spirituality (Spiritual Leadership), where any Leader derives its Leadership from a unique mix of one or more of the former factors

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stated in terms of what you want to achieve, avoid, or preserve for

your customers.

The best leaders are those who have a complete and intimate understanding of every facet of their business and industry. Leaders know everything about their own companies (its strengths and weaknesses, for example), their customers, their competition, and the business environment in which they operate.

As Larry Bossidy writes, “Only a leader can ask the tough questions that everyone needs to answer, then manage the process of debating the information and making the right trade-offs. And only the leader who’s intimately engaged in the business can know enough to have the comprehensive view and ask the tough, incisive questions.”

Without the answers to these questions, or with the wrong answers, you will make mistakes in marketing, sales,and business strategy that can be fatal to your business.

A mission is something that can be clearly defined and can be accomplished. It contains both a measure and a method. It is always defined in terms of your customer. And the simpler it is, the easier it is for your people to understand it and get behind it.

OOCORP mission is “to partner with businesses and companies around the world to create one stop shop eCommerce marketplace to help entrepreneurs drive their brands to sucess.

Successful leaders engage in strategic thinking. They minimize risk by continually questioning their assumptions and asking themselves what they would do in the case of unanticipated delays, cost overruns or unexpected actions by their competitors. They are seldom caught unprepared because  they have thought through the kind of uncertainties that create unacceptable  risks—risks they cannot afford to takactions by their competitors.

actions by their competitors.

They are seldom caught unprepared because they have thought through the kind of uncertainties that create unacceptable risks—risks they cannot afford to take.They are seldom caught unprepared because they have thought through the kind of uncertainties that create unacceptable  risks—risks they cannot afford to take.

Why do so many organizations fall short of their goals? Because leaders aren’t always equipped for the tough challenges they’re up against..From fierce competition and customer demands, to economic downturns and strategy shifts, change is relentless in business. New challenges affect the daily work of everyone at every level in today’s businesses. Without the right skills and competencies to handle them, work is ineffective and results are compromised—or not achieved at all. Build a plan for optimum results with OOCORP Lead for today’s most in-demand skills for successful business results, an easy-to-follow competency framework of crucial skills for Professionalism Effectiveness, Relationship Management, Analytical Intelligence and Business Acumen. 

468x60 Leadership Questionnaire

OlayinkaOyelamiLeadership (OOCORP Lead) is a professional innovative, educational, transformational, motivational, inspirational, philosophical, management and governance services practice …an Analytical  Intelligence subsidiary of OlayinkaOyelamiCorporation (OOCORP). Our primary objective is to improve the key skills required for effective leadership.  We strive to create awareness and understanding of new technology and new techniques of leadership so that our qualified leaders have the necessary skills to improve their personal effectiveness for their organisations and also to enable them to have a satisfying and rewarding career in corporate governance.
OOCORP leadership resource help you develop the qualities of good leadership that are essential for career and organizational success, especially in a tough economic climate. Improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world. Our leadership training courses and seminars provide numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in you and in your team.
These leadership training courses and seminars help you fulfill your potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. All leadership seminars teach valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment. Get access today for one of our leadership seminars on effective leadership skills to boost your performance every day. Click here to explore what skills should be your priority as a leader in today’s business environment.
Accessing the higher levels of human genius and motivation in today’s new reality requires a change in thinking: a new mindset, a new skill-set, a new tool-set—in short, a whole new habit. The crucial challenge of our world today is this: to find our voice and inspire others to find theirs.  At a time when the world is looking for new ways to lead, build peace and sustainable development, people must rely on the power of mind and intelligence to innovate, lead and expand their horizons for sustainable hope of new humanism.
Our mission is to bring this creative energy to life; for it is in the minds of men and women that the defenses of peace and the conditions for sustainable development must be built, providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration. Access The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Leaders of today work in an era of constant change, increasing competitive pressures, rapid developments in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and a more demanding society altogether pose challenges crying out for effective leadership. Businesses today therefore need to have skilled to leads, who can address these demanding challenges and have the ability to develop and implement the most effective business strategies to solve these problems.

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