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Putting Driving In Your Seat

To feel in complete control when you’re navigating off -road as well as cruising the city, you need every technological and practical advantage at your fingertips. The Mohave’s cockpit gives you this and more. It combines a modern sports utility feel with high -tech embellishments across the dash to create an image that’s as strong as the exterior. The interior design concept ensures you appreciate the volume you’d expect from a large SUV with the luxury and comfort of a high -specification sedan. Ergonomic controls have jog -type switches for ease of use. The balanced design ensures excellent visibility of the road ahead in addition to the well -styled and futuristically red -lit gauges, placing you firmly in the driving seat.

Take It To The Extreme

Be sure about one thing. The Mohave can tame the most extreme elements of nature. This new SUV has been developed and tested on the most challenging terrain to provide a driving experience that takes life off -road. Kia Mohave is born and bred in the Mohave Desert, and has pushed its capabilities to the limit in the harshest environments and has truly earned its name.


 Urban Charisma

The energy of the city and the demands of the great outdoors bring out the personality of the new Mohave. With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in and beyond the urban jungle.

City Escape

A strong and purposeful front image sends out the message loud and clear: Mohave takes ownership of the city streets. The smooth ride and elevated driving position put you at the head of the pack.

Forward Thought

As the Mohave passes by it exudes an air of majestic confidence; a muscular lion on the prowl. Its inner power is never in doubt with its sculpted stance pitched forwards by smooth flowing lines.

One of the best tips for buying a motorhome is to go to a motorhome show in your area. RV shows attract many visitors as well as manufacturers and dealers from far and wide. This means you’ll not only have far more motorhomes to choose from, but you can also compare features and floorplans side-by-side. This will help you determine exactly what you like and don’t like about each motorhome.